IMPEL Specialised in solutions for handling Free-to-flow and Hard-to-flow bulk solids. We fabricates, distribute, sells of high quality custom designed liner bags for transport and storage of dry bulk products in standard ISO containers.

Our container liners shielding the bulk cargo from moisture, contamination and ensuring safety and hygienic transport method. All liners are manufactured under highly clean conditions, from strong, durable, food-grade co-extruded virgin films. Our facilities has been granted for ISO 22000:2005 FSMS Certification and ISO 9001:2008 for its manufacturing process.

Products Type

 Polyethylene liners
 Polypropylene liners
 High durable elastomeric liners
 Thermal liners
 Metalized/Aluminium foil –Three/five layer liners

 Vinyl liners
 Cost effective fill-In liners
 Conductive liners-Natural/Black(Electrically dissipative)


 Standard liner for Granules or powder which demand moisture prevention
 Safety liners with air bag, triangle head for Sugar/powders or bulk cargo of high density
 Metalized/Aluminium liners for Plastic resin/granules/ powder and other products which demand moisture content control, and odour protection.
 Thermal liners to protect cargo from environment alteration for wine, beverages
 Vinyl liners for alter with temperature and altitude swops
 Conductive liners for packaging of sugar ,chemical and powder explosives.
 Filled-In liners are available for applications with food grade certification
 Elastomer liners for high durable and high density powders/chemicals


 Top filling
 Full access cargo liner
 Mail box discharge liner
 Fish tail discharge liner
 Triangle shaped bulk head liner
 Zipper loading box container liner
 Fluidizing head bulk liner
 Rapid flow bulk liner
 Air bag, venting system are optional depends on liner application and filling material.
 Bulk heads with wooden/ steel tubes/bar less / integrated Woven polypropylene or polyethylene fronts


 20’,30’ ,40’,45,53’ and other sizes depends on customer requirements

Filling Bulk products

 Plastic pellets/resins/granules
 PTA/PBT /PVC powders
 Carbon Black powder
 Cement/Fly ash
 Foodstuff for animals
 Sugar, Beans, Flour, Salt, Rice
 Palletized Cargo
 Wet Hides

Our dry bulk container liners complies to IS/ASTM standard and FDA approval article 21 CFR 177.1520

Our raw material formulations, technical specifications, drawings are highly confidential. Should you require further information please contact us on

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