Reusable - High-density, polyethylene construction resist damage, extends service life.
 Lightweight - As low as 25 lbs to permit cost-efficient handling, shipping, hauling.
 Space-saving - Most Litco plastic pallets nest to 65% and are double/triple stackable when loaded.
 Lower cost - Longer in-service life offers sizable savings over other reusable unit load-handling devices.
 Cleanable - Readily steam cleaned or water washed; can be sterilized for sanitary handling.
 Inert - To most solvents, harsh chemicals, mildew, mold, insects, other pest.
 Weather-tough - Withstands heat and cold, rain or snow in transit or outdoor storage for limited periods.
 USDA-and FDA-approved - Most Litco plastic pallets meet requirements for handling food, beverage, meat products.
 ISPM15 export approved packaging.

    Standard Size and Design
    Litco offers a 48 x 40 nestable, plastic pallet that weighs only 29 lbs. Litco plastic pallets are lightweight for ease of physical handling, reducing freight cost and are more cost-efficient for shipping.

    Litco plastic pallets are compatible with modern material handling devices such as hand trucks, fork trucks, conveyors and select palletizers.

    The colors available are blue, which is U.S.D.A./F.D.A. approved, and black which is standard and may contain recycled material. Custom colors are available. Custom imprinting of company name, logo, identification, etc. also available.

    Litco plastic pallets have a residual value when the economic life is complete. Customers can obtain credit for a percentage of the replacement cost for pallets when returned for recycling. Your Litco representative has details.

    The nestable feature provides great space savings, both in the warehouse and in shipping. Strong design resists damage providing reusability and a longer in-service life. These features, coupled with a competitive price, offer sizable savings over other reusable unit load handling devices.

    Litco plastic pallets reduce load damage. There are no splinters, nails, metal fasteners or foreign materials. They are non-rusting, resist staining and do not absorb moisture. Surfaces can be steamed cleaned and sterilized. Upper surfaces are fully drainable.

    Custom sizes and designs may be available. Contact a Litco Application Consultant to review your needs.

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