Hazardous Chemicals

InterBulk's tankcontainer operating division has as a long and proud history of serving the world’s major chemicals companies.

We primarily transport hazardous liquid chemicals including: Phthalates, Acids, Esters, Isocyanates, Solvents and Monomers to name but a few.

We are one of the world’s leading tankcontainer operators and suppliers with an extensive, modern fleet of owned and managed tank containers. We are active on every continent and have a growing network of owned offices and terminals situated in the world’s major strategic logistics hubs backed by comprehensive agency support.

We specialise in providing innovative supply chain solutions around the world through our experienced staff with a dedication to Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Management. We back this up through ISO 9001-2000 accreditation.

We are committed to adhering to national and international safety and quality standards through our commitment to CDI-mpc and SQAS.

It’s little wonder that ISO-Tanks have grown from zero some 20 years ago to a World fleet of over 200,000 units today.

Chemical producers are moving away from 55 gallon drums.

Tankcontainers bring significant gains in safety and itegrity, efficiency and cost when filling, moving and unloading. Consignees are also increasingly gearing up to take delivery of larger consignments in ISO-Tanks and benefiting from the resulting economies of scale.
- ISO Tanks average an 18 to 20% saving over drums.
- Tankcontainers require significantly less handling and are safer to move and offer greater security.
- Tankcontainers eliminate ’lost product’ waste and reduce pollution because drums no longer need to be disposed of.

- ISO UN portable tankcontainers are constructed to a very high standard and can withstand extreme incidents.
- Each hazardous tank is rigorously tested and has been approved by a classification society during construction
- Regulations impossed during their construction ensures standards are maintained irrespective of the country of manufacture

-Tankcontainers have few moving parts
- All InterBulk tankcontainers are made from stainless steel, which has a high resistance to corrosion
- All valve components are subject to approval

- Instances of tankcontainers leaking during transit has been very rare
- Residuals are as low as 0.04%
- Rail can be used as a more environmentally friendly mode
- Long life and versatility of tankcontainers allow for variety of cargos - reducing empty repositioning
- Risk of spillages at filling and unloading is greatly reduced in comparison to multiple fill and discharges of a similar volume in drums

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