Why Impel ?

IMPEL was founded by five premium manufacturing units and higher-ranking specialists in polyolefin’s products, bulk packaging and transportation experts , the majority of the designs are unique, unrevealed and the most innovative methods in the industry.

IMPEL offers highly polymerised, engineered, clientele application supportive designs for bulk Packaging, cargo-securing and preservation, transportation needs, end-to-end on a global delivery platform.

Manufacturing Sustainable
Bulk Packaging
IMPEL is a manufacturing company that has been actively engaged in the Bulk Packaging Industry for three decades. With modest beginnings in 1999, we have grown into one of the fastest growing company in India.
Today, we are a leading manufacturer with multiple factories located across India. Our manufacturing prowess has already made us the largest producer of Bulk Container Liners in the world.
Impel Exports Manufacturing Units
Banglore Unit 1 PE Container Liner Plant
Unit 2 PP Container Liner plant
Aluminium Container Liner Plant
Unit 3 FIBC Bags Manufacturing Plant
Unit 4 Dunnage Bags Manufacturing Plant
Silo Bags Manufacutring Plant
Ahmedabad Unit 1 PE Blown Film Plant
Customer Value
Worldwide Technical Support.
R&D is driven by a constructive management that yield excellent progress and world class.
Products are light weight and high durable
New technologies and equipment for handling bulk solids in Liner-bags.
Superior value, meticulously reliable and the high business ethics.