IMPEL was founded by five premium manufacturing units and higher-ranking specialists in polyolefin’s products, bulk packaging and transportation experts , the majority of the designs are unique, unrevealed and the most innovative methods in the industry. IMPEL offers highly polymerised, engineered, clientele application supportive designs for bulk Packaging, cargo-securing and preservation, transportation needs, end-to-end on a global delivery platform.

Key Business Activities

 New generation bulk packaging products, cargo-securing and preservation systems

 Bulk transportation supporting products

 Consulting services for logistics of loading/ unloading, shipping bulk solids in Container Liner bags.

 Flexible packaging development advisory services

 Injection moulding and automotive components

 Printing and painting in PLASTICS

 Industrial labels and envelopes

 Standard engineering parts

 Airport and railway services

Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

 Superior value, meticulously reliable and the high business ethics.

 Products are light weight and high durable.

 Worldwide Technical Support

 New technologies and equipment for handling bulk solids in Liner-bags.

 R&D is driven by a constructive management that yield excellent progress and world class.


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